Packaging and Varieties:

As part of our multi-market approach we have designed boxes to fit all needs. In Colombia we currently have 3 box sizes, Ecuador has two. The quarter box dimensions are the same in both countries and are currently being analyzed for a new measurement modification. 

Packing materials:

We have our own distinctive packing materials which are identified by the orange packs in Ecuador and the purple packs in Colombia. It is important to mention that none of the companies send generic boxes. Under special orders or previous agreements we can use third party boxes (branded only) and use white bunch packaging or any branded options that the client requires. The minimum period we need for special packaging is 24 hours counted from noon to noon.

Cut Stages:

Exotic Farms:

We have two distinct cut stages for roses. In red roses, Russian (4.0) and American (2.5-3.0). For colors we only manage our american standard making it easier for our clients to purchase our product from the availability offered.

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Quito Inor Flowers:

There is not one unified cut stage for the roses. We use what we call the “openness” stage, allowing each variety to be cut in its ideal stage for ideal travel conditions. Some varieties, such as Moody Blues, bloom too fast. Therefore, the cut stage for that rose is a little tighter than the cut stage of Freedom rose. We focus on a 3.0 -3.5 cut stage,which is measured by the looseness of the outer petal.

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